Hi everyone -

I decided to run shortly after the 2020 elections, and all the joy and anger that came after it. I went into this incredibly starry-eyed and thinking more with my heart than anything else. Now, a few months into it, I'm realizing that I did not have the right expectations as to time commitment, as well as just what the overall experience would be like.

To that end, I'm ending this campaign. I just don't have the bandwidth between family and work and all those other responsibilities to be able to run a campaign successfully. I was, and remain, flattered and humbled by everyone's support, and I'm not going away from having a voice in Arizona politics. I just can't sustain a campaign like this. To those of you who donated to me, I've refunded what I can back to you, and I can't thank you enough for your donations. To those who signed my petition, thank you so much for taking the time to do that. And to everyone who commented, sent me a note, or put my name out there into a ton of different spaces, that is so amazing, and thank you.

Someday, I'll do this again, with better expectations and better organization. But until then, keep pushing, keep holding people accountable, and continue to wear your mask :)